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Every year, thousands of people are injured and hundreds killed because of riding lawnmower and tractor rollover accidents. Especially with the advent of Zero Turn Radius mowers which have become extremely popular, homeowners and landscapers alike are at a daily risk of rollovers that can injure or kill them. Indeed, as long as gravity exists, riding lawnmowers and tractors will roll over.

The most common situations for such rollovers to occur are when the operator is cutting grass on a slope or along an embankment bordering a drainage ditch, pond, or stream. In these situations, a riding mower or tractor, including Zero Turn Radius mowers, can suddenly and without notice roll over, crushing and pinning the occupant. Tragically, when a rollover occurs next to a pond, drainage ditch, or stream, the operator can be pinned in the water, resulting in a drowning death. While rollovers will continue to occur, virtually all injuries and deaths would be avoidable if manufacturers would simply install as standard equipment a rollover bar and seatbelt.

Sadly, due to price competition and other reasons, manufacturers continue to sell riding lawnmowers and tractors, including many models of Zero Turn Radius mowers, without these lifesaving devices. If you have been injured or a loved one has been injured or killed in a rollover accident, let our skilled Columbus Columbus Riding Lawnmower and Tractor Rollover Accident attorneys help. The attorneys at Rourke & Blumenthal have earned a reputation for being some of the top accident litigators in Ohio. Let us fight for your compensation today.

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Rollover Accident

Sadly, no one agency maintains records of how many people are killed in riding lawnmower and tractor rollover accidents. A quick look at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) website reflects that during a six month period in 2016, over a dozen operators were killed in rollover accidents with nine of them dying as the result of drowning. This is just the tip of the iceberg since OSHA only compiles these statistics for deaths that occur when the operator is on the job. In other words, deaths of countless homeowners are not recorded, because they are outside of OSHA’s jurisdiction.

The attorneys at Rourke & Blumenthal have been handling riding lawnmower and tractor rollover accidents for years. We have successfully represented families who have lost loved ones as the result of being pinned by a mower rollover in ponds and drainage ditches. The attorneys at Rourke & Blumenthal continue to represent individuals who have been seriously injured and families who have lost loved ones as the result of riding lawnmower and tractor rollover accidents. Most Zero Turn Radius mowers weigh between 500 and 1,500 pounds and can easily crush their riders in a rollover incident or pin them under water if the rollover occurred next to a pond, stream, or drainage ditch.

The Columbus Riding Lawnmower and Tractor Rollover Accident attorneys at Rourke & Blumenthal have made it their mission to hold manufacturers accountable for these senseless injuries and deaths with the goal of convincing the manufacturers that providing rollover bars and seatbelts in order to prevent deaths and injuries is of the utmost importance. The attorneys at Rourke & Blumenthal are willing and ready to represent the victims of riding lawnmower and tractor rollover accidents in Columbus, throughout Ohio, and throughout the United States.

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Let us look at your situation and offer you advice about your best course of action. If your injuries or your loved one’s injuries or death were caused by the lack of rollover protection on a riding lawnmower or tractor, make sure they pay for your damages, including medical care, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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