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Electronic On-Board Recorders

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Commercial trucks are considerably more dangerous than other vehicles on the highway due to their massive size. Truckers can experience difficulty handling their semis, even at low speeds, and average-sized automobiles can easily disappear into their multiple blind spots. When a truck driver acts negligently and fails to properly control their vehicle, they can cause a devastating traffic collision.

Largely due to the fact that commercial trucks seem to have this inherent raised level of danger to them, many trucking companies have been required to install electronic on-board recorders (EOBR) to all vehicles in their fleets. An EOBR acts very much like an airplane’s “black box” as it keeps a detailed record of all statistics relevant to the truck. What truckers and their employers do not want you to know is how these EOBRs can be used against them to prove that an accident is their responsibility.

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EOBRs Keep Track of the Truth

In most cases, commercial trucking companies do not have any legal obligation to disclose the findings of their trucks’ electronic on-board recorders. In order to request seeing the records, and possibly discover incriminating evidence against the truck driver’s behavior, you should retain the help of a professional truck accident attorney.

Depending on the specifications of a truck’s EOBR, factors it could track include:

  • Speed
  • Maneuvers
  • Weight
  • Proximity to other vehicles

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