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Negligent Security Claims

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A homeowner or business manager must provide a reasonably safe environment for welcome guests and patrons; this is the root of all premises liability claims. Environmental hazards, such as uplifted carpeting causing trip and fall incidents, are not the only forms of danger that need to be addressed and controlled. Visitors must also be protected through proper security precautions from dishonest or violent individuals.

Have you been injured or had your property damaged or stolen while on someone else’s property? Do you think reasonable security measures would have prevented the incident but were not in place due to the owner’s negligence? Rourke and Blumenthal may be able to help you pursue fair compensation for the wrongdoing and harm you have experienced.

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Unsafe Security Hazards are Inexcusable

Even if a homeowner, landlord, or business controller does not actively check police reports in the newspaper, they should know if their neighborhood or block has a high crime rate. They are also expected to recognize forms of negligence that invite or do not deter criminal activities, and do what they can to correct them immediately. Public businesses and offices must take reasonable steps to protect not only guests and consumers but also regular employees. In many instances, victims of negligent or inadequate security measures are actually employees who are assaulted while at work, often tracked down by a criminal individual who accessed their work schedule.

Examples of inadequate or negligent security include:

  • Dimly lit storage areas
  • Lone employees during graveyard shifts
  • No locks on outside doors
  • No security cameras at entrances or exits
  • Publicly displayed employee schedules
  • Untrained security crew

The circumstances of a security issue should never be allowed to place liability on the person who has experienced harm, either in the form of assault or robbery. Property managers may try to hold you accountable for what happened, for “not defending yourself”, but this is simply unreasonable. In the moment of attack, the victim has no idea what the offender is thinking so there is no definitively correct choice of action. This is why it is so critical that security measures be taken beforehand to stop any sort of danger from ever occurring.

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The compensation you can pursue in most injury cases or civil claims includes medical bills if you were harmed and monies provided to replace anything that was stolen or damaged. In a negligent security case, you should also be able to pursue nominal damages, or a recovery granted to the victim of an attack or incident that has caused undue stress or emotional suffering.

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