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Help Bring Back Justice for the Common People


For nearly 20 years, the Ohio Supreme Court has been packed with Justices who believe that it is most important to rule in favor of big corporations, pharmaceutical companies, and insurance companies. Whether its upholding damage caps for rape victims, upholding product liability limitations so that people driving cars and using other products that are more than ten years old are absolutely barred from seeking damages as a result of injuries or death caused by defects or making sure that even the most catastrophically injured victim of medical negligence is unable to seek full compensation, the Ohio Supreme Court has consistently ruled against common people in favor of those with the most money. On Tuesday, there is an opportunity to start reopening doors of the Ohio Supreme Court for individuals regardless of their wealth, political party, race, or gender. Michael P. Donnelly and Melody J. Stewart are Justices that will help establish an even playing field for consumers and other individuals, rather than slanting the field in favor of the most powerful interests in Ohio. The Ohio Supreme Court race has largely been lost in all of the noise involving many other very important midterm elections. However, Rourke & Blumenthal encourages you to consider voting for Michael P. Donnelly and Melody J. Stewart. and

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