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Inadequate Training & Truck Accidents

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According to the American Truckers Association (ATA) the trucking industry will need more than 96,000 new drivers annually for the next ten years. In a nation that relies heavily on the transportation industry for various goods and services, this shortage is shocking. Furthermore because trucking companies are in such a rush to hire truckers, they often hire younger and less experienced drivers who do not have the training necessary to operate a massive vehicle safely.

If you suffered a serious injury in a truck crash caused by an inadequately trained truck driver, it is imperative to hire a lawyer to recover your entitled compensation. At Rourke & Blumenthal, we are committed to protecting the rights and pursuing justice for our clients. With more than 75 years of combined experience, our Columbus personal injury attorneys possess the extensive knowledge of Ohio and federal trucking regulations to help you obtain the monetary damages you deserve.

Problems with Truck Driver Training

Although there are hundreds of schools throughout the country which offer truck driver training, they all offer the same basic courses along with the same requirements. In most cases, driver trainees spend about one week in the classroom learning about safety practices, mechanical protocols, and logging information.

Afterward, they will learn how to operate a commercial truck and perform inspections. Then after only a few hours of actual driving time, these future truckers graduate from their respective school and attempt to obtain their CDL. While some employers require drivers who have a couple of years’ experience, or spend time riding with more experienced truckers, others just hire inexperienced truckers because they don’t have the time and resources to train them further.

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