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Ken Blumenthal Secures Large Settlement in Medical Malpractice Case


Rourke and Blumenthal LLC are pleased to announce that Attorney Kenneth S. Blumenthal has recently closed a successful medical malpractice case for our client, resulting in a settlement of $800,000.

The case began in 2010 when Mr. Cooper went to Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center and underwent laser treatment for a lesion on his vocal cords. Due to the pure oxygen the medical staff was providing for him, the laser ignited a fire that traveled through his airway, causing catastrophic internal damage. The harm initially caused Mr. Cooper to lose his senses of smell and taste, experience painful complications tied directly to the incident, and require a breathing tube on a day-to-day basis. Ohio State University paid over a million dollars in a settlement in 2012 for the mishap.

Tragically, the injuries caused Mr. Cooper to lose his life in 2014. His widow would later file the medical malpractice lawsuit for his wrongful death that Attorney Blumenthal handled. When the lawsuit was settled, Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center still would not admit any fault for what had happened to Mr. Cooper. We can only hope that the settlement achieved helps Mr. Cooper’s family find some solace and peace of mind for the future.

If you would like to read a full article on this case, The Columbus Dispatch has published one to be viewed here. Inquisitive parties may also view the original case file here and a copy of the settlement agreement here.

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