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7 Key Things to Tell Your Personal Injury Attorney


Being injured at the hands of a negligent party can be a frustrating experience, especially when dealing with the various complexities of your subsequent personal injury claim. While the difficulties you face are undeniable, it is nevertheless crucial that you remain honest and upfront with your personal injury attorney regarding your case. In many cases, being truthful and providing your lawyer with the information they need can make difference between a favorable settlement and a denied claim.

To maximize your chances of success, it is crucial you tell your attorney the following:

  1. How your injury occurred: The exact details of when and how an injury occurred can play a great role in the strategy your attorney chooses when representing your case. Whether your injury occurred as the result of a car accident, workplace mishap, or other cause, be sure to disclose all relevant information.
  2. Any previous or additional injuries: Your lawyer will need to know about any other injuries you have had or any other accidents that you have been involved in in the past. If an opposing insurance company or attorney attempts to claim that your injuries existed prior to your collision, your claim will be placed in serious jeopardy unless your attorney is able to refute these assertions. Likewise, if you have suffered an additional injury since your accident, the opposition may believe that you are attempting to secure compensation for injuries unrelated to your claim.
  3. Lost wages and medical expenses: Any and all financial details related to your injury will be relevant to your case, including lost wages, medical bills, prescription drug costs, copays, and other expenses stemming from your injury. Keep all receipts and invoices related to your care and write down any dates that you are forced to miss work.
  4. Your criminal history: While your previous criminal history will likely have little to no impact on the outcome of your injury claim, it is likely that the involved insurance company’s lawyers will run a background check on you during the process. Letting your attorney know about any past convictions will allow them to identify and prepare for any potential areas of conflict.
  5. Impending divorces: If you are divorcing or recently divorced, your spouse or ex-spouse may be entitled to receive a portion of your injury settlement. This is especially true if they have supported you in any fashion since you were injured.
  6. Bankruptcy filings: If you have previously filed for bankruptcy or are currently involved in the bankruptcy process, your creditors may be entitled to receive a portion of any settlement you receive from your injury case.
  7. Contact from any involved party: If anyone related to your case should contact you, such as an insurance adjuster, the owner of the property where you were injured, or the driver of another vehicle involved in your car accident, call your attorney immediately. Your attorney will be able to handle communications on your behalf and protect you against various pitfalls.

Get Rourke & Blumenthal on Your Side

In many cases, your chances of securing compensation after an accident of any kind are directly influenced by the creativity and skill of your personal injury attorney. At Rourke & Blumenthal, our Columbus personal injury lawyers have been fighting for the rights of injured clients for more than 75 years combined, securing millions of dollars on our clients’ behalf along the way. Having earned numerous Super Lawyers® recognitions and an AV® Preeminent™ Rating by Martindale-Hubbell® for our unmatched dedication and excellence, we have what it takes to ensure your interests are guarded.

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