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New Ohio Law Protects Cyclists


On December 19, 2016, Governor Kasich signed into law HB 154 which requires motorists to leave at least three feet of clearance when passing cyclists on Ohio roadways. Prior to the passage of HB 154, Ohio Revised Code § 4511.27 required that motorists leave a “safe distance” when overtaking cyclists but did not define the amount of space necessary to meet that standard. While enforcement and educational outreach regarding the changes brought about by HB 154 will dictate the effectiveness of new law in protecting cyclists, Rourke & Blumenthal, LLP applauds the legislature for taking an important step to protect Ohio cyclists.

We would also like to acknowledge and thank our client and avid cyclist, Kimber Perfect, for her powerful testimony before the Ohio Senate Transportation, Commerce and Labor Committee in support of HB 154. Kimber was seriously injured while riding her bicycle on a scenic byway near Lake Erie when a driver attempted to overtake her without leaving a safe distance between his vehicle and Kimber’s bike. Kimber’s testimony gracefully utilized her harrowing experience to advocate for the safety of Ohio cyclists and is well worth reading. Click here for a full transcript of Kimber’s testimony
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