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Toddler with cerebral palsy denied medical care


We wanted to address a sad story out of Oklahoma where a toddler with cerebral palsy reportedly has no option for medical care because his family is suing physicians in a physician group who they believe are responsible for causing his problems during birth. The lawsuit was filed against physicians involved in the delivery of the child, likely one or two obstetricians. Typically the allegation in this type of case is that the delivery was not performed in a timely manner after signs that the baby was getting insufficient oxygen in utero. The physicians at issue in this case are part of a large physician group employing more than 600 doctors in Oklahoma from all different types of specialties. After the lawsuit was filed, the family received a letter from the chief medical officer of the group stating that the child could no longer be treated by any of the more than 600 doctors under the umbrella of this group, leaving the family with effectively no option for medical care in the state for this profoundly injured child.

As a firm that specializes in handling birth injury cases, this story is near and dear to our hearts. Children who suffer cerebral palsy are generally profoundly impaired and require extensive medical treatment, sometimes around-the-clock care. Physicians from various specialties are needed to care for these children and provide them the best qualility of life as possible. To issue a blanket order preventing any physician in such a large group to treat this child in need is unconscionable and dangerous. Regardless of who or what is to blame for the injuries suffered by this child, we sincerely hope that he gets the proper medical treatment that he deserves.

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