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Over 2,000 Eggs & Embryos Damaged After Temperature Error in Fertility Clinic


Nearly 2,000 frozen eggs and embryos stored at University Hospitals Ahuja Medical Center in Cleveland may not be usable. This is after temperatures in a storage bank recently rose too high to keep the eggs and embryos viable. This grave error has resulted in dire consequences for countless women and their families. The possible harm or damage to hundreds or thousands of eggs is astronomical, as it would be heartbreaking to patients in more ways than one--including emotionally, financially, and personally. Patients of this clinic include women who have donated their eggs, are storing their embryos during the IVF process, as well as those who wish to delay their pregnancy to an appropriate or convenient time.

It is estimated about 700 patients have been informed of this mistake. An investigation is underway to determine the cause of this malfunction, as it is currently unknown whether it was due to human error or failure of technical or mechanical nature.

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