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Children with Birth Injuries & Cost of Raising Them


If your child has been born with a birth injury, you must be aware that raising them will be far more expensive than raising a child without a birth injury. Medical insurance and coverage will only go so far, and many families find that their bills are piling up and doing so quickly. In order to keep your feet on the ground and head above water, you will need to use litigation and a lawsuit against the negligent doctors who hurt your child. But filing a claim requires you to declare how much compensation you expect, and you can’t do that if you don’t know more about the costs of a birth injury.

True Extent of Birth Injuries & Their Costs

A birth injury occurs immediately or soon after a newborn’s life begins, but it is likely to affect them for the rest of their years. From cerebral palsy to brachial plexus injuries, a birth injury is sure to be devastating to a child. Medical treatments of all sorts will be necessary to help them recover as much as possible, and none will be inexpensive.

In addition to the initial hospitalization fees, a child who has suffered a birth injury will probably need some sort of treatment or rehabilitation throughout their life. It could be monthly physical therapy, daily prescription medications, special education programs, and so on. Families may also need to purchase and learn how to use unique at-home equipment for their child. The cost of such devices can be steep and the time put into learning how to operate them is another setback. If both parents work, they may need to hire a caretaker to stay with their child when they are away.

It All Adds Up

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has estimated in the past that raising a child with cerebral palsy or other similar birth injuries costs at least $1 million. This number is likely much higher now, as the CDC’s study was conducted back in 2003. For so many parents, this is simply too large of a financial burden for them to shoulder alone.

If you need help affording the medical and lifetime care your child needs to be comfortable and happy, you should call 614.321.3212 to connect with Rourke and Blumenthal LLC. Our Columbus birth injury attorneys can hear your claims for free and determine if you have a case against the doctors and physicians responsible for your child’s birth injuries. We know how important it is for you to be fully compensated, and we are not afraid to push for maximized compensation, even if it ranges well into the millions of dollars.

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