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Distracted Teen Drivers are a Major Problem


You don’t really need a professional’s opinion or a stack of empirical evidence to know that teenage drivers are frequently distracted by their cellphones. It’s a sight you probably see every day on your way to work or running errands: a young driver lit up by the glow of their mobile device while trying to operate their vehicle. For the longest time, researchers were wondering just how widespread this hazardous behavior actually was. Thanks to a study conducted by the American Automobile Association (AAA) earlier this year, the answer is clearer than ever.

By compiling almost 1,700 videos collected from dashboard cameras in teenage drivers’ vehicles, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety got a unique look into the world of young drivers. Previously, much of their information was speculation. This study was unique in the way that it accessed such a huge number of video evidence gathered from motorists all across the country.

In all of those car accidents caught on camera, about 58% of them clearly showed the teenage driver engaging in some form of distraction only moments before the collision. The vast majority of distractions came from mobile phones and communicating with another passenger in the car. Before this information was collected, many associations, including the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), modestly estimated that only 15% or so of accidents involving young drivers were due to distractions.

Serious Problems in Need of Correction

Now that the scale of distracted teenage driving has been, more or less, accurately put into perspective, something should probably be done to curb the behavior. Many groups are urging state officials to call for a review of licensing requirements. It could be entirely possible that tests are too lenient as of now, or that they do not take into account an individual’s propensity to partake in distracting behaviors while driving.

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