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Rourke & Blumenthal File Lawsuit on Behalf of Wrongful Death Victim

Wrongful Death Paperwork

The Case

On November 13, 2018, Rebecca Walls (75) checked in to Mount Carmel West at the recommendation of her primary-care physician. At the time, she was experiencing lightheadedness and concerning breathing issues that warranted critical care services. Six days later, Walls passed away after receiving an excessive dose of fentanyl (1,000mcg) and Versed (10mg), which is also known as midazolam.

Investigations have revealed that Walls’ doctor, William Husel, has a terrible history of prescribing lethal doses of medication to near-death patients. Executives at Mount Carmel disclosed that Husel’s actions were likely not due to error.

The Investigation

JoAnne Viviano, a reporter for The Columbus Dispatch, wrote an article about this incident after consulting with our attorney, Timothy Mahler, who is representing the Estate of Rebecca Walls in a wrongful death lawsuit. In the article, “Lawyer Says Mount Carmel’s Inaction Led to Patient’s Death,” Viviano notes that “The health system has said Husel ordered excessive doses of painkiller for 34 near-death patients in intensive care at two hospitals dating to at least 2015. The doses, executives said, were likely fatal in 28.”

Mount Carmel executives received formal complaints about Dr. William Husel on October 25, November 19, and November 21 – the day the doctor was finally pulled from patient care. Walls is one of at least three patients who received a fatal dose of medication after the first complaint was received. Attorney Mahler claims that Mount Carmel should have removed the doctor after reviewing his prescribing history. As Attorney Mahler explains, “It would have been pretty easy to catch any questions on such an important issue like killing patients…it’s a big concern.” Dr. Husel was not removed from patient care until November 21, 2018.

The Lawsuit

Attorneys Rourke and Mahler filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Estate of Rebecca Walls on January 31, 2019. The complaint is against Mount Carmel Health System, Dr. William Husel, the pharmacist who filled the prescription, and the nurse who administered it.

Our own Timothy Mahler was recently interviewed regarding this case. Check out the news story here.

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