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Why Are Mothers in America Dying?


As reported by Propublica and NPR, the US has the highest rate of maternal deaths in the developed world and 60% of these deaths are preventable.

With Mothers Day just around the corner, these troubling statistics are especially concerning . In fact, over the past decade, the maternal death rate in the US has gone up while it has declined everywhere else. At Rourke & Blumenthal, we are acutely aware of this crisis. We are representing families whose mother/wife/daughter has suffered catastrophic harm before, during, or after childbirth. All of these incidents should have been prevented. While we are seeking damages for these horrific losses, we are also seeking changes in our hospitals. For example, had local hospitals adopted available toolkits to identify and treat maternal hypertension and preeclampsia, one of our clients would have avoided a catastrophic stroke after childbirth. By uncovering the inadequate training and policies at local hospitals in regard to common causes of maternal death, Rourke & Blumenthal strives to obtain improvements in maternal care.

This Mothers Day, celebrate the love and caring that mothers give to us daily, but also seek to have local hospitals improve the level of care that mothers receive. They deserve it!

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