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Fatal Dallas Crash Linked to a History of Inspection Violations


A fatal crash on Monday, October 12th in Dallas that led to the deaths of four people likely could have been prevented, as evidenced by new information showing that the trucking company involved had a history of various inspection violations. Southeastern AG Transport Inc., the company whose driver was involved in the wreck, has reportedly been the subject of scrutiny due to their history of improper maintenance and driver misconduct.

The crash happened when one of the company’s 18-wheelers collided into an SUV on the ramp connecting westbound Interstate 20 and southbound Interstate 35E. A fire sparked from the wreck, killing the four people in the SUV, including two children and two adults. The driver of the truck was unharmed in the collision.

Since the accident, the company’s long history of violations and infractions has come to light. In total, 52 maintenance violations, 10 unsafe driving infractions and a reported instance of drug-impaired driving have surfaced during investigations. Common sources of these violations included faulty turn signals, inoperable headlights and worn tires. This information is compelling evidence that the accident could have been prevented, had the company taken proper precautions to maintain their vehicles.

When a trucking accident occurs, it is imperative that an investigation of the associated trucking company is made. Filing a claim against companies in frequent violation of safety ordinances can help to ensure that precautions are taken to prevent future crashes. If you have been injured in a trucking accident, you may be able to seek compensation with the assistance of an experienced attorney.

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