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New Ohio law helps bikers


Spring is here! I just aired up my bike’s tires, oiled the chain, and adjusted the brakes. Looking forward to my first long weekend ride in 2017. This year, bikers will have some added protection thanks to recently passed House Bill 154 which requires motorists passing bikers to do so at a safe distance of at least three feet or more. This common sense law gives guidance to car and truck drivers and hopefully it will reduce crashes in which motorists try to squeeze by a bike, rather than waiting until traffic allows them to move to the left far enough to provide a safe distance between car and bike. As someone who has had the frightening experience of being clipped by a passing vehicle and launched onto the side of the road, I’m all for it!

Rourke & Blumenthal is proud to represent one of the supporters of the Bill who spoke to the Ohio Legislature shortly before the Bill passed. While Rourke & Blumenthal is ready and able to aggressively represent bicyclists who are injured when motorists break the rules of the road and cause a crash, we would rather have less crime and more safe and happy bicyclists. House Bill 154 is a good step in this direction.

As lawyers who see far too many people injured or killed in crashes of all kinds, including bike/car and bicycle/truck crashes, we urge everyone to think about safety and drive accordingly. That includes bicyclists who should always wear a helmet and obey the rules of the road. If we bicyclists stay alert and use safe practices, we can enjoy Spring rides on Ohio’s roads and trails – safely!

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