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How to Keep Motorcyclists Safe on the Road


At Rourke & Blumenthal, we know firsthand the devastation of motorcycle crashes and how the behaviors of other drivers on the road can cause them. While we cannot predict how others will drive, we are able to educate all motorists by applying basic precautions.

Tips for Drivers

When drivers see a motorcycle on the road – and even when they don’t – they need to keep in mind the following:

  • Offer extra space to motorcyclists. Due to their smaller size, motorcycles are likely a lot closer than they may appear.
  • Look twice before changing lanes. Although this is common sense, it is imperative to check for motorcyclists in all mirrors and over your shoulder to make sure they are not in your blind spot.
  • Stay away from distractions. Whether you are on your phone or eating a burger, distractions can result in slowed reaction time, making you not ready for an unexpected surprise on the road.
  • Use your turn signals. Again, sounds like a basic driving requirement, but drivers must make bikers aware of their intentions.

Tips for Motorcyclists

The following are helpful tips to avoid a collision on a motorcycle:

  • Be visible. Wear reflective or brightly colored clothing so everyone around can see you. In addition, wearing a white helmet can make you more visible.
  • Wear adequate gear. Wear gear that is comfortable and doesn’t hinder your ability to steer your bike. If you are riding in hot temperatures, there is clothing available that is both breathable and reflects the sun. Wearing a helmet is the most important way to avoid catastrophic injury or death.
  • Maintain your motorcycle. You want to ensure that your bike does not malfunction or break down while you’re on the road. If your tires are in bad condition, change them immediately.
  • Ride defensively. Always be ready to yield to larger vehicles, despite having the right-of-way. Do not tailgate and leave enough room between you and the other car, that way you have an ample amount of time if needed.

If you suffered a serious injury in a motorcycle crash in Ohio, contact our Columbus personal injury lawyers at Rourke & Blumenthal and request a free consultation today.

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