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Your Options After an Accident with an Uninsured Driver


Being struck by another driver in a car accident that is not your fault is sure to be a headache to sort out. When the other driver is uninsured, though, your troubles will be tenfold and that headache might just become a migraine. Before you start losing hope, you should know that there are legal options available to you through proper litigation.

Identifying the Uninsured Driver

Ohio State law requires that all motorists carry insurance that covers $25,000 for bodily injury to one person, $50,000 for two people, and $25,000 to property damage. There is no way to stop someone from driving without this requirement, though, and uninsured or underinsured drivers are on our highways in the thousands. Just because someone isn’t carrying proper insurance doesn’t mean they aren’t carrying proper identification. If you can identify the person who struck you, get their information as if they had insurance because you are going to need to bring them to court in a civil suit.

With a proper personal injury case, you could win compensation that pays for:

  • Repairs
  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Rental services

Hit-and-Run Accidents

Another way for someone to be an “uninsured” driver is for them to simply not be there at all, as in hit-and-run accidents or when you return to your parked car only to find a dent or a scratch on it. Even when your opposition is a phantom, you do have a chance to recover compensation; this is often a little trickier, but with a professional attorney in your corner, it can be done.

What you will need to do is go up against your own insurance provider. If history serves as any indicator, you will likely be offered a minimal amount from your insurance company after a hit-and-run accident, even if you are paying a monthly premium for uninsured motorist coverage. With a lawyer’s help, you may be able to negotiate a better deal and win an adequate recovery amount.

Looking for help with an uninsured motorist claim? You should work with a team with more than 75 years of collective legal and trial experience! Contact a Columbus car accident attorney from Rourke & Blumenthal today.

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