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Jeni's Ice Cream Makes Admirable Decision


Reports from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream indicates that the company has identified the source of its listeria contamination. The bacteria was discovered on a machine used only to fill a portion of a pint. In an effort to protect customers, however, Jeni’s will be removing all buckets used in their scoop shops. The company also has plans to renovate their kitchen facilities, which although costly, will work to prevent future listeria contaminations.

Our firm previously applauded Jeni’s proactive approach to the bacteria disturbance and is proud to continue supporting the swift action of their management team.

Interestingly enough, Jeni’s is not the only U.S. ice cream company currently dealing with listeria. The Columbus Dispatch reported that Blue Bell ice cream was also forced to stop productions due to listeria, but their initial response to the problem was quite different than Jeni’s. According to the FDA, official investigations discovered listeria in Blue Bell’s manufacturing plant as early as March 2013. The company chose not to do anything about it and three people died as a result.

Blue Bell’s decision ultimately caused the closure of their company. Even still, no statements have been released by company officials about their FDA violations. Their choice to place profits before people was an interesting one and something they will likely suffer the consequences of for years.

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