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General Motors Hid Critical Safety Information

One of the best parts of being a trial lawyer is the ability to bring about positive safety changes which can save lives. Product defect cases are probably some of the best cases to influence change and make our world a little safer. Most people have heard that General Motors is in a lot of hot water for hiding critical information related to ignition problems with its vehicles. General Motors knew of at least 13 deaths tied to the failure of ignition switches, which caused cars to randomly lose engine power and deactive airbags. In spite of this knowledge, General Motors went out of its way to hid this information from the public, putting company profits ahead of safety. This article from the New York Times does a nice job of addressing how the legal department at General Motors was largely behind this coverup. We have litigated a lot of product liability cases over the years, and I can tell you that it is amazing how companies will go to great lengths to hide clearly relevant and discoverable information from the injured victims and public. Whatever General Motors ends up paying to resolve all of these claims, it will surely pale in comparison to all of the lives that were unecessarily lost because of this company's greed.
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