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Developments in Medicine for Paralysis Patients

Rourke & Blumenthal has represented many clients over the years who have suffered horrific injuries, including paralysis. Part of our job in these cases is to work with top notch doctors to develop a life care plan for the client in order to provide him/her with the necessary medical care, equipment and housing modifications to achieve the best possible quality of life. We are pleased to see that significant medical advancements for paralysis patients are being made in our own backyard at The Ohio State University Medical Center where a medical team recently inserted a chip into the brain of a paralyzed man which will help him control paralyzed portions of his body with the help of a computer program. This is a major step in the process of improving the lives of people living with horrible injuries. We congratulate The Ohio State Univerity Medical Center and look forward to more advancements to come. Please see the article on this surgery by The Washington Post:
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