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Dangers of Hands-Free Talking


Motor vehicle accidents are one of the leading causes of injuries and deaths in the United States. This may seem puzzling at first, especially when you consider the fact that many vehicles are being equipped with better safety features and accident prevention technology. But with better technology also comes more distractions. Drivers today are more distracted than in the past – smartphones, apps, texting, and electronic devices are major sources of distractions for the modern driver.

Why Hands-Free Driving Is Dangerous

Although many states have enacted talking/texting bans for drivers, it is simply not enough. Researchers say that even hands-free driving poses major distractions and can be just as hazardous as if a driver is holding a device while driving.

Researchers have found the following behaviors common in those who talk while drive:

  • Drivers are slower to react when on the phone (hands-free or hand-held)
  • Drivers often have limited peripheral vision while talking, and end up missing hazards in their windshields and side mirrors
  • Drivers tend to only focus on a small section in front of them
  • Drivers brake more frequently and more abruptly

Any time a driver has a conversation, without or without a device in their hands, they automatically divide their cognitive processes. This is because having a conversation is a very visual activity, and we naturally become involved in visually imagining the focal points of the conversation. Our eye movements tend to stray and our focus diverts from the road. All of this is extremely dangerous because driving requires a person’s full attention. Some states, such as California, have gone further by passing sweeping bans on cell phone use while driving.

Tips to Stay Focused on the Road – and Prevent Accidents

  1. Avoid using your phone while driving (which includes talking, texting, scrolling, etc.)
  2. Before driving off, have your navigation apps set
  3. If you need to use your phone, safely pull over
  4. Keep conversations with passengers at a minimum
  5. Personal grooming such as putting on makeup should be done before getting in the car
  6. Do not multi-task
  7. Secure pets before starting the car

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