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5 Tips for Filing a Successful Car Accident Claim


No amount of skill behind the wheel can fully protect you from the dangers of a negligent or reckless driver. If you get struck and it is not your fault, you need to know a few smart hints to help you file a successful car accident claim. Take a look at what our Columbus car accident attorneys from Rourke and Blumenthal LLC think are the top 5 tips that can come in handy. Or if you need help right away, feel free to call us at 614.321.3212 and schedule a free case evaluation.

  1. Take pictures: Snapping photographs definitely needs to be at the top of this list for two reasons. Firstly, people often forget to do this in the chaos of an after-accident scene, despite a camera being in their cellphone. Secondly, a picture really is worth a thousand words and can easily show investigators and insurance adjusters what actually happened during your collision.
  2. Accept medical help: We see a good deal of clients who say they were nervous about getting medical attention for their injuries after a car accident, either because they thought it could somehow spoil their claim or that they couldn’t afford it. Please remember that your health needs to be a priority. Also remember that the medical records created in the process are good tools for your case’s benefit.
  3. Don’t apologize: You don’t have to be rude to the other driver’s in your accident but you also don’t have to bend knee to them and accept blame to make them feel better. Even if you think you might be partially liable, don’t admit it. After all, there might be factors you don’t know that actually lift that liability off your shoulders.
  4. Stay quiet: Insurance adjusters from any other parties in the car accident are likely to reach out to you for information, and they will probably sound like concerned friends when they do so. They’re job is to get you to say something you shouldn’t and inadvertently admit some sort of blame. Politely decline speaking to them until you have had a chance to talk to your lawyer.
  5. Retain professional help: Speaking of car accident attorneys, you should get one right away. Any settlements you are offered, assuming there will be any, are sure to be less than you need or deserve. With a personal injury lawyer working your case, you can analyze your injuries and damages and push for a fair amount, even if that means taking matters to court.
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