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Winter Driving Safety Tips


It doesn’t matter how many hours behind the wheel you might have, if you are not prepared for the winter season and the dangerous road conditions it can bring to Ohio, you might be increasing your chances of getting in a serious car accident. To do our part and hopefully help people avoid potentially-hazardous situations, we have compiled a brief list of some smart winter driving safety tips you should always keep in mind this holiday season.

  1. Slow down: When it is raining or snowing, the roads are going to be slick. Slow your speed to whatever feels safe, even if it means going noticeably under the posted speed limit.
  2. Check your tires: The cold temperatures are going to wreak havoc on your tire pressure as the air inside reacts. Before you go out on a long trip or during particularly cold weather, use a tire pressure gauge and make adjustments where appropriate.
  3. Fill it up: Keeping your gas tank at least half-full should help prevent gas line freeze-ups. Consider scheduling a trip to the gas station at least once a week.
  4. Open air only: If you have to warm up your vehicle, never do so in an enclosed area. As much as it might make you shiver, you have to do it outside as to avoid potentially-fatal carbon monoxide poisoning.
  5. Watch the weather reports: If you are going somewhere nonessential and the news says a blizzard is coming in, consider staying put. If you do have to go somewhere in inclement weather, tell people which route you intend to take and when you are departing.
  6. Get cozy: Finding your vehicle in snow up to the windows is a troubling situation, but nothing to panic over. Stay inside the car for shelter and warmth; this will also help rescuers locate you – much easier to see a car in a snowstorm than a person.
  7. Take it slow: Never slam the brakes or accelerator, as these are surefire ways to start skidding out of control on icy roads.
  8. Follow from a distance: The three-second following rule is not quite enough in snowy conditions. Instead, pace yourself eight or ten seconds back in case another vehicle loses control ahead of you.

One Final Piece of Advice

If you are in a car accident this winter season, do not hesitate to team up with a trustworthy team of Columbus car accident attorneys. Litigation can get complicated fast, especially when elements of the weather might have been partially responsible for your collision. Let Rourke and Blumenthal LLC handle things for you while you focus on more important matters, such as your own recovery. Call 614.321.3212 today to request a free consultation.

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