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Upcoming Ohio Supreme Court Election


At Rourke & Blumenthal, we fight for our clients’ rights and interests. We usually stay out of any kind of political battles. This year is different and we urge our clients to register to vote and to vote for a fair Ohio Supreme Court. One that has the interests of all Ohioans in mind. Vote for Justices Jennifer Brunner, Marylin Zayas, and Terri Jamison. These justices will help keep the doors of the Ohio Supreme Court open for all, not just the large corporations funneling millions of dollars into the campaigns of insurance-friendly candidates.

OAJ Votes

We cannot sit idly by while millions of dollars of dark money pours in to support certain Supreme Court Judges who have ruled reliably in favor of insurance companies and large corporations to the detriment of the individuals that we represent. The people behind this flood of money admit that the reason these interests are pouring millions of dollars into ads to support these “Reliable” and “Predictable” Justices is that there are numerous “corporate liability cases” coming before the Ohio Supreme Court which could significantly even the playing field for individual Ohioans unless these incumbent Insurance friendly Justices are reelected. These dark money interests fear that if the Justices challenging the status quo are elected, laws capping damages for even the most catastrophic injuries in medical malpractice cases, laws eliminating the ability of many Ohioans to seek compensation for severe injury and death, and laws protecting the interests of sexual predators over the rights of their victims will be in jeopardy. These pro-insurance and pro-big corporation laws are currently being challenged by Rourke & Blumenthal and many other groups across the State. The dark money corporate interests want to ensure that these challenges are struck down by the reliably insurance-friendly Justices DeWine, Fisher, and Kennedy just as they have been doing for the past decade.

Rourke & Blumenthal urges all our clients to try to see through the negative ads that will be purchased by this dark money and think about why this money is being spent. It is to promote a status quo that does not help the vast majority of the citizens of this State. Vote for Justices Brunner, Zayas and Jamison this November.

A good place to obtain more information on the upcoming elections and on how to register to vote can be found at: