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Doctor Regrets Lying for Fellow Doctor in Medical Malpractice Lawsuit


Here is a link to an interesting article about a retired surgeon, Dr. Lars Aanning, who has confessed that he lied under oath while testifying in a medical negligence case in order to help a fellow physician who was being sued for permanently injuring a patient during a surgery. Although Dr. Aanning knew that the doctor in question had provided substandard care to patients, he told the jury the exact opposite when he was on the witness stand. The patient lost the case at trial. Dr. Aanning explains how this lie has haunted him for over 20 years and how he fears that his testimony may have been the reason that the patient lost the case.

This article highlights a major problem faced by injured patients in medical negligence cases: Doctors don't squeal on other doctors. Not only must patients deal with the physical injuries suffered as a result of medical negligence, they often have to deal with the frustration of a coverup by medical professionals.

It was terrible for Dr. Aanning to lie under oath. He committed perjury. Fortunately, as the article explains, Dr. Aanning is now serving as a patient advocate and assisting patients who have been harmed by medical negligence.

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