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Undermining the Jury...


The American jury system is the greatest form of justice ever devised by mankind. In fact, juries are probably the most democratic aspect of our Constitution. There is no other part of our Constitution that is so open to the public, where ordinary people from all different backgrounds come together to decide critical legal disputes based on the evidence presented. Unlike most politicians, jurors make decisions based on the facts, not the influence from special interest groups, lobbyists, or polling data. Unfortunately, Ohio's General Assembly has stripped Ohio juries of the ability to fully decide civil jury trials. In other words, decisions made by juries based on their evaluation of the evidence are being trumped by politicians who have no knowledge whatsoever about the case at hand. We encourage you to watch the following video to find out first hand how this rule is affecting Ohioans:

We believe jurors should decide cases, not politicians. We believe in individual rights, not big government legislation. We believe in the fundamental right to a jury trial as set forth in the Constitution, not laws that strip individuals of rights such as arbitrary caps on damages.

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